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Client: Chris Ehle
Location: Michigan, USA
I have had the opportunity to work with Mark Schumacher and his team of experts. They have made it possible for an individual with limited experience in computers to own and run an advanced website.

It is impressive that Mark takes the time to relate at a personal level. He has been consistently forthright with what is needed to have a competitive website in today’s market. In all, I have enjoyed our relationship and will continue relying on his company’s expertise to fulfill the goal of making a website that appeals to a wide array of individuals.

Client: Dr. Ken Levey
Location: New York, USA
Project: PelvicPainNewYork,
TheDealSeal - Coffee Service
MSC Web Solutions provided creative design, innovative back end design on complex projects such that our design team’s own thinking was enhanced, as well as friendly and very timely service.

They kept us up to date and in the loop on all phases of the project. We are happy to continue with MSC Web Solutions as it’s tough to beat the price and service.

Client: Gerald Larue
Location: Marina Del Rey, CA, USA
Project: 805surf
Without a doubt, MSC Web Solutions is a superior solution for small and medium sized businesses.

There's clearly a core competency to meet and surpass their client's expectations. This is a team that I can count on to create quality results.

The pricing structure is very competitive and fair based on the industry standard and extensive service offered.

The available payment plan is definitely user friendly and allows an infant start up to track and manage costs.

Troubleshooting was never an issue. Even as I altered the business model about halfway through the development, their feedback was always constructive and reassuring.

It gave the impression of a partnership, more than a client ship... which is a welcome departure from the business world as usual.

Mark, when we started out I was honestly a bit concerned with the fact that you're not exactly centered in an area known for its quality surf. =)

Other surf companies that have introduced a web presence have always used local firms... so I didn't know if you guys could put together a regional surf-oriented website to standard. Well, you certainly proved me wrong. I think this can be attributed to your ongoing client interaction. There wasn't a single 48 hour period that passed without an email being exchanged.

As a result, you guys are roughly 2000 miles from the Ventura coastline, and were able to create a comprehensive website without setting foot on a plane or in the water.

Client: Michael Tava
Location: Georgia, USA
Project: Night Club Camera (National Nightclubs Directory)
MSC Web Solutions has far exceeded my expectations when it came to the design and implementation of I was truly impressed with the professionalism and respect that was given to me from day one. At every step of the website design and programming, they stayed in constant contact with me. Their high attention to detail ensured me that I made the right choice. I am very pleased with the final outcome.

Thank you again!

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MSC Web Solutions provided creative design, innovative back end design on complex projects such that our design team's own thinking was enhanced, as well as friendly and very timely service.

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